So long, too long…

Dear Friends, I owe you a long over due apology for my inconsistency in the past few months of not posting anything on this site. I apologize. I could blame it on life, I could blame it on the different circumstances I have been through but then who hasn’t? I could also blame it on so many inconsequential things but I wont do that. The thing is: I have come to realize and see you all as part of my family and value your opinions and contribution and I hope that I will not let you down anymore.

Writing is a passion for me and it is also best described as nurturing and caring for a baby. It needs your full and undivided attention to see it grow in strength and in truth.


Moving on I will be featuring some short stories written by friends and others on this site, and will also be using this opportunity to focus on exploring the possibility of including script writers to participate in telling their stories on


Thank you.


xoxo Jumie

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