Book Launch of A Ration of Thorns

Several years ago I thought I had it all planned out, especially when asked at interviews and by friends and even prospective suitors “what are your long term goals?”

They were in these order, Get a good secure job, Marry well, Have Children and Write a book.

They all seemed so easy especially saying them.

The common and popular phrase ‘Man proposes, God disposes’ rings far too true in the scheme of things as these goals have come to pass.

The universe and its master has its own ways of doing things beyond our control and maybe not in the above order as listed above when I used to say these things to myself and the questioners.

Recently one of the goals I had set out to achieve finally found its day in the sun.

Being a first time book writer, writing a novella was in itself a labour of love. It was a refreshingly different experience and I enjoyed every minute of it. Creating the characters, scenarios and the suspense gave it life.

The story is about how the love between a husband and a wife is tested when one of them commits an act that would test their bond and the consequence of their actions. It borders on the fragility of love, the cruelty of lust and the power of forgiveness.

And so on the 7th of October 2018 this compelling book was launched to the public by friends and family of Jumoke Okuwobi.

It is with a gladsome heart and with gratitude to God, my family friends and colleagues that I present to you A Ration of Thorns.

Below are some pictures from the event.

Author with Publisher AML Media Ltd

A Ration of Thorns

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